Official Partners


Crementum is an official partner of EZEduTunity, a student-led organization that provides student with curated volunteer and internship opportunities. With more than 8,000 users and hundreds of opportunities available on their platform, EZEduTunity is a great resource for any student aspiring to increase their breadth of experience in a particular field. Crementum works with EZEduTunity to expand the scope of educational outreach and increase awareness of each respective cause.

Crementum partnered with Empowering Youth Action, a youth political organization that aims to shed light on topical issues. EYA was able to raise several thousand dollars for PPE in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. As part of the upcoming EYA initiative on education inequity, Crementum works to provide tutoring to EYA branches. 

Who We've Worked With

Crementum collaborates with school-respective California Scholarship Federation and National Honor Society branches to allow volunteers to receive tutoring hours.  


Crementum partnered with Teacher To The Rescue, a K-12 tutoring and skill coaching organization, to help promote our operations nationwide. Crementum was promoted on the TikTok page of their founder, Challis Young, who has over 100,000 likes!

Crementum worked alongside California High School to assist them in developing a virtual tutoring infrastructure that supported their needs. 


Crementum has worked alongside, a California-based tutoring startup, to provide virtual tutoring services to students during quarantine. 

Crementum worked with with Changemakerz, a youth nonprofit dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship, to promote the Crementum brand through social media. 


Teacher to the Rescue is offering a valuable College & Career Mentor Program, designed to help YOU streamline the college application process. Email to reserve a spot today!

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