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Our Mission

Our mission is to foster growth and interconnectivity within the student bodies across the nation. We have the privilege of allowing students to experience the virtue of teaching and allowing others to grow in their breadth of knowledge. 

Our Story


It all started in the winter of 2018 (my freshman year), when I was traveling across the island of Taiwan (it's beautiful, by the way, if you haven't gotten the chance to travel there). It was the night we were about to fly back to the states, and for whatever reason, perhaps sadness that my trip had come to an end, or perhaps a developing anguish for the 12-hour flight that lay ahead of me, I simply could not fall asleep.


So I began to think. When I return back to school, what's one thing I'd like to see changed? I thought of the tireless hours I'd spent during the first semester poring over equations and notes, frantically scrawled in barely-legible handwriting. How nice it would have been to consult a friend, maybe an upperclassmen who'd already taken these classes, on the material with which I was struggling. Thus, the idea of Crementum---peer-to-peer high school tutoring---was conceived of halfway across the world, in the early hours of the morning, because I could not fall asleep.


The idea began to take shape over the next year. Through coordinating with my school principal, I was able to ensure Crementum was in compliance with existing teacher regulations. At my sophomore year club fair, I unveiled Crementum for the first time, to much more interest than I expected. It took a while for signups to pick up, but once they did, they did not slow down. By the time we had to leave school in March 2020 due to quarantine, we had amassed upwards of 110+ tutoring sessions. 

Looking into the 2020-2021 school year, I am incredibly excited to have expanded Crementum across the United States and am looking forward to impacting thousands of students with the invaluable gift of free, convenient learning. 


Charlie Gu, CEO & Founder at Crementum

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