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Reading Mentorship Program

Crementum has partnered with parents and educators in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District to provide accessible high school reading mentorship to elementary school students. Through this initiative, Crementum tutors work with students to improve their comprehension, speaking, and literacy through reading aloud. This has made an indelible impact in the academic success of the students participating in this program, who will benefit from a strong grasp in English & Language Arts starting from an early age. To date, we've organized over 50 hours of reading mentoring.

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Freedom Employability Academy & Speaking Buddies

Crementum is excited to work with the FEA and Speaking Buddies, two international organizations based in India, to provide English mentoring to disadvantaged Indian students. We're thrilled to provide our tutors with the opportunity to expand their worldview and step into the shoes of individuals who live halfway across the globe. We are also grateful to be gifting these students with critical language skills that will prove useful in an increasingly globalized workforce.

Paper Airplanes


With the help of Paper Airplanes, an internationally-renowned organization, Crementum tutors have been given the opportunity to mentor Syrian Refugees in English. Not many high schoolers get the chance to talk directly with those who have fled conflict-stricken areas, and this initiative is intended to be both educational but also eye-opening.

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